Yemenis Condemn Strikes on Afghanistan [Archives:2001/42/Front Page]

October 15 2001

Yemeni politicians, intellectuals and men in the street condemned American bombing of Afghan Muslims. “We are against terrorism, and against killing innocent people without a clear-cut definition of terrorism,” they say.
Mohammed Qahtan, Head of the Islah Political Department said the Islah condemned attacks on Afghan people as they had condemned those against Washington and New York. “Reactions to terrorist actions should adhere to the law, not to the instinct of revenge,” he added.
Describing lasting freedom as a big American hoax, Secretary General of the al-Ba’ath Party, Dr. Qasem Sallam, expressed his party’s protest against the “brutal aggression and showing muscles” against a disarmed nation. He added that such a slogan was a pretext for the US to kill women and children in Afghanistan.
Sheikh Zeid al-Muhatwari, Imam and head of the Badr Mosque and Islamic Center said the US has gone mad. “The most powerful country in the world is using the most sophisticated weaponry against the poorest people in the world. I can see that the US has lost the ability to see things properly and has begun working against its interests,” he said.
Ordinary people share the same feelings of protest against and disagreement with the strikes against Afghanistan. They also demand protection of Palestinians against Israeli violence.