Yemenis lose trust in the parliament [Archives:2007/1095/Local News]

October 18 2007

Abdull-Kawi Shelan
For Yemen Times

The Yemeni parliament role remained restricted under the continuous influence of the government, said a study extracting a group of internal and external factors indicating the influence of the executive power over the legislative one.

According to the study, the later enjoys monitoring guaranteed by the constitution. It can exercise its monitoring over the actions of the executive power. The internal factors are represented by the parliamentarians' interests overcoming their monitoring roles.”We mostly observe that members of the parliament go to two different directions. The first one is that they feel the importance of parliament monitoring over the executive power. The second thing is their willingness to interchange with the government or at least not to end relationship with it whatever the consequences are.” Said the study.

The study, which conducted by Sadiq Ahmed Al-Nafeesh, held the parliament accountable for this deterioration, commenting: “It was supposed to provide an atmosphere of opening for the parliament monitoring in the community