Yemenis Queue in front of Saudi Embassy in Search of Visas! [Archives:1998/16/Front Page]

April 20 1998

The queue is long. The lines crawl. The files turn around, over and over in long chains. Sometimes it is a double column. Sometimes it is just bulges of people crowding together.
They are Yemenis in search of visas to get to Saudi Arabia.
They are in the thousands – arguing, bickering or simply staring deep into space. They are unemployed. They are penniless. They are tired. They just want to get out of here!
“I don’t think I will find a job in Saudi Arabia, at least not for a long time. But it is better than rotting here,” said Mohammed a laborer from Ibb. He summed it up.
Conditions in Saudi Arabia are not exactly inviting. But they are evidently better than in Yemen.