Yemen’s campaign against terror in regional waters, Ensuring fish wealth investment, building export ports [Archives:2003/657/Business & Economy]

August 7 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
It seems that the Yemeni campaign on terror has had positive reflections due to Yemen's interest in protecting its security in the regional waters and preventing infiltration of suspect elements. To do so Yemen has established coast guard force that led to providing protection for marine wealth and working on catching ships that violates rules of fishing and putting an end to investment at the expense of marine life.
This campaign has encouraged the private sector to invest in fish sector. Local authorities have embarked on offering facilities for investors and taken strict measures for protecting fishermen, coral reefs and small fish. It is therefore the government is paying attention to rehabilitation of strategic seaports, including Shahr port, Hadramout governorate and it is working for adding new ports or erecting some water barriers along the coastline stripe, in addition to raising the capacity of electric power for providing refrigerators and cooling places for private companies or big investment companies.
The governorate of Hadramout is considered among the most significant Yemeni governorates that are seeking for taking care of sea environment by establishment scientific research centres for better organisation of traditional fishing…
It is for this reason the Yemeni businessman engineer Abdulla Ahmed Baqshan has built the Yemen Fish Company, whose productive project is scheduled to be inaugurated next July. The company has sought help of British experts ho have completed scientific studies about the coastline. The company began building its installations on the land and would build a port serving its activity, an institute for training employees and fishermen, an ice factory and a site for exportation costing $25 million.
For this purpose the company has held a training course for a group from Mukalla fishermen society as part of its scientific program aimed at raising quality of its production.
The company has chosen its site in al-Dhabba area, east of Mukalla. And including its training program the company would, during the remaining part of the year, conduct eight training courses with eight selected societies in the coastal region of Hadramout governorate for informing the fishermen on the proper methods of fishing and increase of their production. There are now nine fishing companies in Hadramout out of 17 fishing companies working Yemen off shores. But the Yemen Company Ltd is distinguished from them by combining between coastal installations and sea installations in order to create job opportunities and increasing profits through using state-of-art technology on methods of fishing.
From above there could be seen that Yemen's awareness about sea and its regional waters is moving along two courses; first a security one to prevent infiltration of terrorist elements and the second is exploiting the fish wealth by building new ports and encouraging investment by the private sector in production and manufacturing and marketing marine life.