Yemen’s Faltering Human Rights Record Back Against the Wall ! [Archives:1998/39/Front Page]

September 28 1998

The Republic of Yemen is again in trouble with the world community because of abuse of human rights. Sanaa has already received many signals. These include the last Amnesty International report, the Human Rights Watch report, the US State Department report, among others.
In August, 1998, the Working Groups at the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva decided that the complaints they had received against Sanaa merit further investigation, thus putting Yemen back on 1503. This is the list of countries which have not satisfactorily answered allegations against them, and thus are subject to investigation and follow-up. It is very hard to continue to argue that rogue politicians and the opposition in exile are giving the regime in Sanaa a bad name. The facts of the faltering local conditions are quite evident.
Yemen’s political leadership continues to stress its commitment to human rights. However, the every-day realities on the ground give a different story.