Yemen’s fathom [Archives:2006/995/Community]

October 2 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Look at that eagle

Setting up

A majestic soaring flight

His wingspans drawing out

Balanced up with great eyesight

His twinge overfed

By man's blight

But so swollen with pride

The secrets can't be exposed

or bare to a tiny doubt

How striking warble's thrill

Letting the wings of gentle angel

Hover beside your eyeball's sparkle

Motivate my heart sinews

To sing his sole single

Without equal for his twinkle

Look how many tidbits abound

Bird songs, No one can print out

Or scrutinize his sound

But, I make out something so nice

Once I follow its waves

I think it dives

It never goes down

But, it goes at highs

Impossible to drown

If I forget to spell it

Its scripts are written

Within the dream's eyes

It comes calm and wise

With the dew it slickly flows

Starting to touch,

to strum and dance

Once more,

Its being tries

To be closer to your love's size

Perhaps its being is the kindest race

As usual, I think your true sense

On your sun-drenched cheeks

And your debonair suave lips

So brave on horse-riding as prince

That's all

My name's letters I scrive

In her eyeball

My life's crisped gut deeply dives

In her soul

After a long wait,

In dream's eyes I ascertain

Still greater, Yemen's fathom and rise