Yemen’s Most Important Project for the 21st Century ADEN FREE ZONE: IT’S YEMEN’S FUTURE [Archives:2000/02/Front Page]

January 10 2000

Yemen is actually a country full of fruitful opportunities and resources that, if exploited well, would render success and prosperity to the people of this poor country. One of such opportunities is the Aden Free Zone, which, according to economists, is very qualified to compete with other zones in the region, and be a good source for income for the country. Since the declaration of Aden as a Free Zone, and the inauguration of the first phase of it -Aden Containers Terminal-, Aden could have been able to attract many entrepreneurs and investors. Now, there are a number of companies and businessmen who are handling their business well. Yet, there are other things that should be conducted not only to make investing in the zone easier but also more attractive. The government should encourage investors and understand the problems that may lie in the path ahead. This is because businessmen need an appropriate environment in order to make their businesses more profitable and successful. However, the issuance of laws is not enough. Their enforcement is what matters. Therefore, Aden should be made the real leader in Yemen, guiding us towards a prosperous country which can only come through honest hard work by all Yemenis.
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