Yemen’s most wanted terrorist blames state for terror attacks [Archives:2008/1216/Local News]

December 15 2008

Jane Novak
For the Yemen Times

MAREB, Dec. 13 ) Yemen's intelligence services orchestrated some terror attacks in order to manipulate US and international perceptions, Hamza Ali Saleh al Dhayani said in an interview last week. Al Dhayani is Yemen's most wanted fugitive in the September 17 suicide attack on the US Embassy in Sana'a that killed 16, including an American citizen.

Yemen also named al Dhayani as mastermind of the March 2008 mortar attack on the US Embassy and the July 2007 suicide car bombing in Mareb that killed ten. Dhayani is Mareb under the protection of Jahm tribe and granted the interview to Mareb Press after taking several security precautions.

“I am ready to prove the reality that some attacks were planned in co-ordination and agreement of the Political Security and its agents to gain foreign support and to confirm to America that they (the Yemeni state) launch war against terrorism