Yemens natural resources: In good hands [Archives:2002/11/Business & Economy]

March 11 2002

BY: Mahyoob
Economic Editor
Yemen has been blessed with diverse topography and resources that, if utilized well, can greatly help this countrys economy.
There is diversity of temperature, as coastal climate is affected by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, while the desert climate in the east of the country has given Yemen valuable land resources. There is also the cool climate in the highlands and plains, which gives support to the national economy.
One of the results of Yemens climatic diversity is the variety of plant life, which gives rise to agricultural programs, scientific studies and research aimed at improving production in agriculture.
This also helps industry, which in turn helps the country’s economy.
Within this framework, the Agriculture Ministry has left no stone unturned to preserve and to protect such resources, and to continue with various research projects.
The National Committee for Hereditary Origins, established at the end of the 1990s, has been working hard to ensure science and research only improves.
The National Committee for Hereditary Origins
Roots of the committee date back to 1999, when its membership began to be developed by a number of specialized organizations, including Sana’a and Aden Universities.
This has definitely made agricultural researches of a great scientific importance.
The main tasks performed by the committee deal with mapping out strategies and national policies of the hereditary works, in accordance with priorities proposed by agricultural and developmental policies.
In addition to this, the committee supervises and assesses the national plan, and links it to the international plan for the hereditary resources, making use of others’ experiences in this field.
This is successfully achieved through implementing international agreements on resources by collecting, preserving and maintaining these resources, and producing good agricultural varieties suitable for growing different agricultural products.
Various responsibilities
The committee also has done its best to raise awareness of the importance of hereditary resources. Its established a database and information center to collect information of hereditary resources and biological diversity in Yemen, so its not lost.
In addition to this, the committee has been seeking to network with international organizations that also have expertise in this field.
Accordingly, the committee also looks for resources to continue research activity pertaining to the hereditary origins.
Its also concerned with public relations, and thus supervises media coverage, which includes periodicals, networks with organizations in West Asia and North Africa, which are affiliated to the International Institute for the Hereditary Origin.
Yemen benefits from the committees work, and our countrys resources garner more export value at the same time.