Yemen’s oil exports score YR 4.390 billionStorage capacity at Nashtoun oil terminal to be expanded [Archives:2005/873/Business & Economy]

September 1 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Turnover of the Yemeni exp[orts of fish, desserts, perfumes and honey shipped via the Aden Seaport and container port amounted during the past seven months to YR 4 billion, 390 million and 389 thousand.

Statistical sources for the Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry said those exports were dispatched to more than 80 Arab and foreign countries.

On the other hand, the Yemeni Petroleum Company is currently undertaking the implementation of a number of investment and public services projects in the governorate of Muhra. Among those projects is one for expanding the storage capacity of the oil installation at the Nashtoun oil terminal, and another project of a station for supplying airplanes at Ghaidha airport and to equip it with various necessary equipment for supplying planes.

The cost of the project of rehabilitation of oil installations at Nashtoun oil terminal amounts to one million and 480 thousand dollars while the project of the station for supplying airplanes it amounts to forty million riyals.

The company is also implementing a station especially for the company's branch in the governorate, containing a center for car maintenance as well as other services like supermarket, building of a mosque and communications center.