Yemen’s Revolution history to be rewritten [Archives:2005/881/Culture]

September 29 2005

The fourth part of a symposium on the Yemeni Revolution was organized from Sept 25-27 in the city of Taiz, 260 kms south of the capital city of Sana'a, by the Armed Forces' Moral and Political Guidance Department and Al-Sa'eed Foundation for Culture and Sciences. Titled “Taiz: National Struggle and Embodiment of Unitarianism of the Yemeni Revolution,” the symposium was attended by a constellation of Yemeni revolutionists who participated in the glorious 26th Revolution and overthrew the oppressive Imamate regime.

At the opening session of the symposium, Prime Minister Abdul-Qadir Bajammal urged academics, researchers and intellectuals to glean the facts pertaining to the history of the Yemeni Revolution in order for the generations to know the truth about the Revolution. He criticized the currently adopted history curriculum as being not able to reflect the complete picture about the September 26th Revolution in an organized and methodological manner. He also pointed out the discrepancy between the information the students get at school and that they get from the mass media. “There should be harmony between the curriculum and the media. Otherwise, the generation would develop heterogeneous awareness.”

A paper submitted by Faisal Abdu Fare', Director General of al-Sa'eed Foundation for Culture and Sciences, was titled “Taiz: Uniqueness of the Place, Greatness of Man, Majesty of History.” The paper expatiated on the advantages of the geographical position of the city, its stages of development, its urbanistic expansion, functional structure, demographical composition, and the historical flavor in which it is engulfed.

Revolutionist and poet Ibrahim al-Hadharani's paper explained what the revolutionists did in Taiz under the Imamate regime. His paper traced the liberation movement and the revolution attempts such as the 1948 revolution which resulted in the killing of Imam Yahya, and the 1955 attempt, up until the glorious Thursday of Sept 26, 1962 when the Revolution was announced.