Yemen’s warriors [Archives:2004/801/Viewpoint]

December 23 2004

Every country has its warriors and defenders, they are the ones who would devote their lives to help their country develop and progress. They are the ones who are strong and courageous enough to sacrifice and give more every day to see their country one day become a wealthy and prosperous nation.
Some may thing those worriers are soldiers in the army.
Others may think they are the officers and decision-makers.
There may be many other candidates, but in my opinion the true warriors are the elite and most qualified who continue to stay and live in their country.
I mean by this qualified people, decent businessman, and other professionals who are eligible to immigrate to the developed world.
Those people know the stake in staying in a country that is suffering from a backward educational system, a poor healthcare system, a hesitant democracy that is not moving forward, a country with a serious water shortage and potential drain of natural sources.
When I met with representatives of the Yemeni community in New York City, I felt they were relaxed, more comfortable, and enjoying a decent standard of living. They on the other hand feel pity for the Yemenis unable to live in a standard that is even close to what they have.
'We just want to know how they could survive in Yemen under such difficult circumstances?' was one of the questions raised by an expatriate who asked about his fellow Yemenis in Yemen.
There is a struggle going on in Yemen. The educated segment of Yemenis and those who are resisting pressure in the country are holding on to hope that things will improve. They are trying to enhance the quality education, the standard of living, and the overall conditions in the country.
They are the true warriors because if they leave the country, then there would no one else to bring it out of its current miseries.
They are the true challengers because they resisted temptations and willingly stayed to protect their country from the ongoing brain drain that is causing tremendous damage and putting the whole country's future at stake.
And finally, they are the true fighters for democracy because they are fighting the corrupt decision-makers who want to stay longer in power to eat away the remainder of the country's wealth. They are resisting their pressure, blackmail, harassments, and humiliation to stick by their ideals and help drive the country to safety through the hazards of this unjust era.
'I have been offered a post in a Gulf country for a salary 20 times as much as I earn now, but my conscience made me decide to stay because whenever I look into the eyes of my students who are hungry for knowledge, I feel my responsibility toward them' a prominent professor at Sana'a University told me the other day.
There are still some noble people living among us.
Those people may be you and I. Let's strive for a better future and never lose hope to pressure around us.
Yemen can be a better place, if those warriors continue the battle until the last survivor.