Yemen’s youthA glimmer of hope [Archives:2003/693/Viewpoint]

December 8 2003

I was reading through my email the other day when I found a link to an organization known as the Yemeni Student Association Abroad ( My curiosity led me to visit the site, which is a forum and network for Yemeni students, particularly those in universities, around the world.
The first thing that caught my eye was the eagerness to bring Yemen to a better rank among world nations.
The introduction presented on the website's main page was more than enough to bring a glimmer of hope that these students, who may one day be decision-makers, truly care for their country and will do their utmost for its progress and prosperity.
Even though a year has past since the site was established, I feel glad that I was able to find out about it.
The site notes, “The lack of proper education, the greatly propagated feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, the poverty-stricken majority, the overwhelming diversion from our Noble Islamic teachings, the destructive tribal and sectarian zeal and bigotry, the Rich's unfair superiority, the degrading of educators and the educated, the suffocation of talents, all and many other echoes through the ages; the call upon us for the long awaited difference.
It continues, “If we don't hold ourselves accountable, and not take the responsibility, no one else will dare to take it. If we can't use our granted knowledge multicultural and educational experiences to help others, we absolutely don't deserve all of those useless disguises. Here together under the YSAA, we will strive to harness our knowledge, experiences, and feelings to help make a change for the better.”
This is the introduction presented on the main page of the website. Those words resemble the sense of responsibility of Yemeni students to help Yemen get out of its stagnancy, to move on to achieve a better tomorrow.
Nevertheless, the obstacles are many. While touring through the different sections of the website, I stopped at the site's forum to get a feel of what did Yemenis think of what is Yemen going through. I realized that most are pessimist and feel somewhat let down. The overall sense of negativism is felt in the different articles published.
There are many who complain that Yemen is far behind in terms of technology, education, health, etc. But at the same time, those who say so do express their will to go on in helping the country through all means possible.
An opposition is somewhat formulated in many topics against those who wish to just immigrate and live abroad all their lives. There is a tendency to become more responsible and beneficial. After all, the site is only for students who wish to help their country by going back with the knowledge and skills attained and participated in building Yemen of the future.
I felt that there could be great hopes on those Yemenis who return to genuinely and sincerely help their country get on its feet and develop, to become one of the strongest in the region.
I believe those young men need our support. So let's join hands in encouraging them to achieve their goals in making our country a better place.