More than 17 MILLION Accesses Since 11 September [Archives:2001/43/Front Page]

October 22 2001

Another Yemeni Record Broken 
For the first time ever, Yemen Times exceeded the 10 million accesses in just one month. Since the September 11 attacks, YT received 17 million accesses and requests for the online content is still increasing. 
At the same time, Yemen Times Editor-in-Chief was the only Yemeni Editor to be interviewed and quoted by the two largest TV networks in the world, CNN and BBC following the 11 September incident. The newspaper received more than 3,000 letters to the editor. Daily, YT receives more than 200 emails from all around the world. 
This adds to the fact that YT is the most widely read Yemen-related website on the Internet. It appears in the first page of most search engines when searching for keyword “Yemen” and has references in the thousands when the keyword “Yemen Times” is inserted. 
We are proud to notify our readers that we have maintained the number 1 rank as the source of information about Yemen on the internet in the world.