Yet another youth organization: AISIEC [Archives:2005/883/Community]

October 6 2005


“AIESEC is an international, non-political, non-profit, student-run, independent, educational foundation. It is comprised of students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education who are interested in economics and management.”


AISIEC is the leading organization developing future leaders for global society. The organization focuses on expanding the exposure of students by involving them in trainee programs that cross the natural boundaries of their countries.

The main mission of AISIEC is to empower today's students with the necessary skills to become tomorrow's leaders.

What are they doing?

AISIEC is a student organization that is run completely by students. Student members are responsible for securing partnerships with employers who will accept international trainees. The students will also coordinate the activities required for bringing the trainee to the country and settling them down.

AISIEC members also get involved in training programmes to develop their own personal and professional skills. Members attend and organize conferences across the Canada and the globe. Cultural nights and social events are ongoing activities that are aimed for enriching the members' cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Who would benefit from joining in?

AISIEC is a great opportunity for students regardless of their discipline. Individuals looking to improve their leadership skills will find AISIEC a valuable experience. The organization promotes cultural awareness and community involvement. It emphasizes the role of youth as today's active agents and tomorrow's promising leaders.

How can I get involved?

To get involved with AISIEC, first check if the organization has a representing body in your country. If you are in North America, AISIEC has local offices in Canada and the US through the universities.

In the Middle East, AISIEC has offices only in Egypt and Tunisia.

How can I contact AISIEC?

AISIEC on the web: