YFJF calls for ensuring press freedom [Archives:2005/867/Front Page]

August 11 2005

SANA'A- The Yemeni Female Journalists Forum (YFJF) organized on August 9-10 a workshop, which discussed the issuance of a well-constructed law to ensure press freedom in Yemen.

The two-day workshop, attended by a number of Yemeni journalists, people interested in the press freedom, and some media attaches from different embassies based in Sana'a, focused on nine themes topped by a critical reading of the old press and publications law.

The workshop specified limitations of criticism, reviewed a procedural law for press and publications to protect values and morals of the profession. It discussed the possibility of drafting a law to ensure the press freedom, as well as the freedom and independence of the audible and visible media.

The workshop covered a work paper on the electronic media and the freedom of expression in the Yemeni legislation.

Ms. Rahma Hujaira, Head of the YFJF emphasized the recommendations of the workshop will be forwarded to the governmental committee, which is responsible for discussing the press and publications law, and the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS). She pointed out that all the working papers and recommendations will be translated into English.

During the workshop, a number of foreigners presented some experiences of their countries in the press freedom and the way they deal with it.