YFMF holds successful workshop [Archives:2006/953/Local News]

June 8 2006

The Yemeni Female Media Forum (YFMF) held a successful training workshop to enhance the role of Yemeni web sites regarding reforms and women rights issues.

Yemeni media has witnessed the mushrooming of more than 15 news web sites managed and updated regularly by practicing journalists at licensed newspapers, as well as freelancers wishing to take advantage of media possibilities made available through the internet. However, most such web sites lack the sophistication and skills required to cater to a demanding online audience, whether from fellow journalists and professionals in Yemen or Yemenis overseas.

Against this backdrop, YFMF successfully organized a training workshop for more than 30 journalists catering to online content. Sponsored by Friedrich Ebert, the workshop began June 7 at Hadda Hotel with 30 participating journalists discussing the dynamics of online publishing and journalism. Key papers included identifying the realities of online journalism in Yemen, its influence on the audience and enhancing human rights promotion in Yemen.

YFMF director Rahma Hujaira indicated that this workshop fulfills a need to train Yemeni journalists in new technologies, as well as solve problems that might obstruct timely reporting relevant to the audience by contrasting regular reporting and online journalism. Another focal point was reporting women's issues, one of the media's most pressing issues.