YHOC Pipeline: Pierced as Soon as Repaired [Archives:1998/38/Front Page]

September 21 1998

All day during Friday September 18th, a Yemen Hunt Oil Company team was busy repairing the puncture at kmp (kilometer pipeline) 94.3. That was the 13th hole, and they thought as they got over this number thirteen, the jinx was over.
On Saturday morning, September 19th, a team of military engineers dismantled an anti-tank mine at kmp 69.8. That was a big one. If it were blown up, it would have seriously damaged the pipeline – and we are not talking about a hole.
Also on Saturday, this time at 10 pm, tribesmen in Serwah made the 14th puncture in the pipeline, at kmp 140.5 in Bani Tawq, Aarush are, near the Al-Urqub military camp. And this hole, bigger than average, is spilling lots of crude – 3,000 bpd.
In a new development, tribesmen are no longer content with puncturing pipelines to announce their grievances to the government. Pump station 3 and the communications unit are now under siege by the fierce and unruly tribesmen.