YJS and Yemens journalists in solidarity with Ibrahim Nafi [Archives:2002/33/Local News]

August 12 2002

The Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) has strongly condemned the sending for Ibraheem Nafi, the Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Daily and the Chairman of the Arab Journalists Union to stand trial in a French Court. He was summoned last week to appear before the court under the pretext of publishing articles two years ago on A Talk of Jewish Pastry of the Arab Blood written by Adel Hammouda, a freelance journalist at al-Ahram Daily.
The Chairman of the YJC and the Deputy Chairman of the Arab Journalists Union, Mahboob Ali along with Yemeni journalists have expressed their absolute solidarity with Nafi. According to what the Chief Justice, Nafi was accused of having instigated hatred against Jews and diffusing discriminatory ideas.
Upon hearing about this development, the Chairman of the YJS stressed that the Egyptian media in general and al-Ahram Newspaper in particular made honorable attempts to reveal to the public the truth about the Zionist acts of terrorism and injustice. As a result, the Zionist lobby found no other way but to file a lawsuit against this national Arab voice resembled in al-Ahram. Mahboob added that Israel realized that the media war had started and that al-Ahram Daily was winning its first round. As a result, Israel has been seeking to establish a new satellite network under the pretext of spreading democratic values. This is done in a time the Arab media left not stone unturned in support of the Palestinian people, he said.
The Chairman of the YJC called upon journalists, intellectuals and supporters of freedom of press to support Nafi in his cause considering this trial against him a trial against all the Arab media members. He added that this step may have long-term implications on the whole Arab world.