YJS condemns assaults against a journalist [Archives:2006/955/Front Page]

June 15 2006

SANA'A June 11 ) In a statement issued on Monday, the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) condemns the attack on Abed Al-Mahthari, the chief editor of Al-Deyar Newspaper, was attacked on the same day while attending a press conference for the Yemeni Chamber of commerce at the Movembik Hotel.

According to YJS, a group of men belonging to the political security forces dragged Al-Mahthari out of the conference hall and led him to a security room in the hotel.

In a letter sent to YJS, Al- Mahthari said that he was beaten, insulted and integrated by three elements of the political security while he was trying to defend himself. “All this was because the distribution of the last issue of my newspaper to the attendants of the conference. They considered this as a distribution of prohibited political leaflets