YJS condemns state double ‘whammy’ in dealing with civil society orgz [Archives:2005/850/Local News]

June 13 2005

SANAA, June 07 (Sahwa Net) ) Chairman of the Cultural and Media Commission at the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) Ali al-Jaraddi Tuesday said after the meeting of writers and intellectuals with President Saleh and his Prime Minister Abdul Qader BaJammal “this signifies the double standards of the authorities in their dealing with civil society organizations,” lamenting “the syndicate has asked for more than once to meet President Ali Abdullah Saleh to ask him to intervene to resolve the issues of the press but it was never granted.” He described President Saleh's instructions to double the budget of the writers union as “double standard shown by the highest authority in dealing with civil society organizations.”

He said the journalist syndicate has asked the “government many times for financial aide and to extend a helping hand but in vain.”