YJS Council’s statement [Archives:2003/698/Local News]

December 29 2003

Yemeni Journalists Syndicate council under chairmanship of Mr Mahboub Ali, chairman of the YJS, issued on Saturday December 27 a statement stipulating a decision on extending the period for receiving challenges memos till Saturday the 3rd of January 2004, requesting the syndicate's branches in the syndicate's branches in the governorates to commit to date and benefit from that opportunity. The statement said that in the light of publishing a list containing members of the general assembly since last Saturday 20 December and due to not receiving challenges memos to approve the list in its final form the council of the syndicate decided that extension.
The statement also said that the council also decided to add the journalists to the working team to help members of the registration committee at the YJS council in order to reschedule active membership list in accordance with memos of challenges to be received. The added names are:
Said Thabit, Sami Ghalib, Sadiq Nasher, Ayman Mohammed Nasser, Hamdi al-Bukari, Ahemd al-Jabali, Hamoud Munassar, and Ahmed al-Ramie.
The YJS council announces that it is working hard for the good preparation for holding the third conference of the Syndicate on its date specified on the 21st of February 2004 according to article of the syndicate's rules of procedure. The statement concluded by appealing to all journalists to receive the event of the conference in the way the journalist profession deserves and the status it occupies in the society and its noble message.