YJS demands journalists be protected [Archives:2003/641/Local News]

June 12 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Yemeni journalists Syndicates (YJS) board members called on the security authorities to provide journalists due protection against the threats of anonymous people. In a press statement issued last Tuesday, the YJS said that a meeting was held by the board members to discuss what can be done towards the threats of murders against some journalists were prone to by anonymous people. The YJS demanded the security authorities to protect those journalists who received such threats and whose names as targets were published in the media. The statement demanded that the horror the families of those journalists should be removed by further protection for them.
The YJS board decided to be on emergency meeting and follow up contacts with officials concerned till something concrete takes place.
Last week, the security authorities announced that one person who used to threaten journalists to be murdered was arrested. He used to send his threats via fax and telephone calls. Security sources said he is being interrogated now and that preliminary investigations have found that he has extremist ideas.
Several intellectuals, politicians and media people have been listed by the extremist gang of Ali Ahmad Jarallah, suspected murderer of YSP Assistant Secretary General, Jarallah Omar. The prosecution said that Ali Jarallah was planning with his gang to murder a number of politicians, intellectuals and journalists. This news has sent shock and horrific waves down to the minds of opinion makers and journalists who feel that their lives are in danger.