YJS Signs Healthcare Agreement [Archives:2001/46/Local News]

November 12 2001

A cooperative agreement was signed on November 7, 2001 between the Yemeni Journalist Syndicate (YJS) and the Patient Friendly Association and Amena Charitable Corporation, specializing in heart diseases and healthcare. The signing was attended by the Minister of Civil Service, Dr. Abdulwahab Roweh in the presence of the head of the Yemeni journalists, Mahboob Ali, the Chairman of the Patients Association, Ali Abdullah Azakhmi and the Chairman of Amena Charitable Corporation. Both sides have agreed to receive several cases of heart disease and to provide necessary healthcare, such as conducting surgical operations and diagnosis. The incurable cases, according to agreement, receive their treatment in Germany and heart cases in Italy, at the expense of the two associations. They also have agreed to open a small clinic in the syndicate headquarters. The agreement is valid for two years, starting from the date of signing, on the condition that it will be renewable. In the same context, the YJS has issued a statement speaking highly of the pioneering role of Amena Charitable Corporation, chaired by its famous surgeon Dr. Abdullah Roweh. The syndicate added that the agreement was signed in order to provide healthcare and facilities for its members and to alleviate the burdens of journalists.