YJS Starts Membership Screening Drive [Archives:1999/17/Local News]

April 26 1999

Supported by a team of technical experts from the Federation of Arab Journalists, the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has just embarked on a membership screening drive.
The new YJS leadership had promised, when it was elected two months ago, to look into the membership body. Many circles believe that some members were inserted by the People’s General Congress in order to control the election results.
“Of the 1,800 members in the old list, we expect about half will disappear from the final list because they will not qualify as journalists,” said Mr. Rajeh Al-Jaboobi, Member of the Board.
The YJS has circulated a form which all would-be members need to fill out. It also requires copies of various documents from applicants to prove they are journalists.
“I would like to strongly invite all journalists to apply for membership. I would like to especially appeal to those who have doubts about our integrity to try us out. It is easy for them to curse the darkness. I do wish some of the journalists opposed to us would help light a few candles,” said Mr. Mahboob Ali, Chairman of the Syndicate. Indeed, his appeals haveobtained results. Several key journalists have already completed their registration.