YJS works on journalism ethics charter [Archives:2004/789/Local News]

November 11 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Yemen Journalists Syndicate (YJS), Taiz branch, has formed lan eight-member committee to word the draft of the journalism honor charter.
The committee consists of Izzaddeen al-Asbahi, Fikri Qasim, Mohammed Abdu Sufyan, Emad Ahmed al-Saqqaf, Abdullah Sultan, Mahdi al-Mashwali, Faisal al-Mansoub and Shukri al-Huthaifi.
This was the result of the discussion session on Nov. 11, intended the study the draft of Yemen journalism ethics charter.
It was attended by Abdulfattah al-Junaid, Abdullah Ameer and Ezadden al-Asbahi, Head of Human Rights Information and Training Center, Emad Ahmed al-Saqqaf, Editor-in-chief of Family and Development, Head of Yemen Times branch in Taiz, and a member of YJS in Taiz, Abdullah Sultan, a number of YJS members and pressmen.
Participants agreed on the significance of moral adherence to the profession's ethics and search for truth.
They emphasized the exploitation of the available democratic margin without being affected by political or social affiliations. Speeches stressed objectivity, reliability, and respect of the reader and maintaining the profession's ethical values, morals and noble message.
They also highlighted the idea of training pressmen and improving their professional standings.