YLS calls for boycotting Israel sympathizers’ products [Archives:2006/969/Local News]

August 3 2006

SANA'A, Aug. 1 ) In a statement released last Sunday, the Sana'a branch of the Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate (YLS) called on its members and the Yemeni people to boycott products imported from the U.S., Britain, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in solidarity with resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

Qana's massacre by the Israeli air strike at dawn on Saturday is an attempt by Tel Aviv blood shedders to cover defeatism of their vulnerable army at the hands of the Hezbollah resistance; the statement reads.

It added: “with their massacres, the Zionists attempt to pave the way for their project of the Great Middle East, which is supported by the White House. The minorities (Israelis) who came from Nazism, Fascism, Zionism and Racism, have become addicted to the smell of burnt corpses and human blood and flesh left by weapons of mass destruction.”

The statement continued: “It is a band whose leader Bush-the Younger-arrogantly said: 'the corpses of children, women, old men and innocent people are the sacrifices of the New Middle East'.”

As Arab and Muslim leaders began to behave as onlookers of a cinema film without any understanding of the film's dimensions-only appreciating what it is that they watch, the brutality of the aggression increases.

“What happens in Lebanon is a violation of all the divine legislations and principles of human laws and an exploitation of the silence of Arabs. So, the Sana'a branch of YLS urges its members and Yemeni people to boycott the US, British, Israeli, Jordanian, Egyptian and Saudi products in support of the brave resistance,” the statement concluded.