YLS Condemns Al-Salahi’s Actions [Archives:2000/24/Local News]

June 12 2000

The Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate condemned Wednesday the attack on staff of f the Commercial court and a number of lawyers by Sheikh Ali Al-Salahi, appealing to the president of the republic to interfere against what the syndicate’s statement described as uncivil. According to the syndicate’s statement, Al-Salahi pointed his “jinbiah, at the accountant Rajeh Al-Awadhi and some advocates and closed the gate of the court.
The Commercial Court was looking into the case of Saba Company for Hotels and the dispute among its shareholders about their shares. Mr. Rajeh Al-Awadhi has been asked by the court to finalize the accounts of each shareholder.
On the other hand the syndicate asked advocates not to defend the assailant.