YLS demands authorities deport American lawyer [Archives:2006/970/Local News]

August 7 2006

SANA'A, August 6 ) The Sana'a Branch of Yemeni Lawyers Syndicate (YLS) held a press conference on called “Activities of the American Lawyer Robin Bieri.” The syndicate accused Bieri of exercising activities that violate the Yemeni sovereignty and constitution and tend to edge out effectiveness of Yemeni laws and specializations of the syndicate.

The YLS ascertained that activities of the American lawyer cause harm to Yemen's sovereignty and is a foreign interference in affairs of Yemen's justice, advocacy and judiciary. It mentioned that Bieri began his activities with various meetings with syndicate leaders for the purpose of offering support and funding to implement a training course for lawyers.

It was immediately disclosed that Bieri's activities were aimed at establishing a permanent office for the American Lawyers Union and then to call for enhancing Yemeni judiciary and role of Supreme Judicial Council, in addition to enacting a law to train faculty of law graduates to work as advocates.

Yemeni lawyers demanded authorities deport Bieri and not to allow him to continue any activities in the country. They presented the government with the harms associated with the American lawyer's activities.

Yemeni lawyers blamed Bieri for publishing concepts and principles that violate Islamic Sheria and justice, as well as intervening in domestic affairs causing harm to the sovereignty of Yemen.

The statement by the YLS charged official parties, including ministries of justice, legal affairs and foreign affairs and the Faculty of Law at Sana'a University, with facilitating activities of the American lawyer.

YLS members insisted on preserving their right as the authority concerned with managing and organizing the profession of advocacy and training lawyers.

The statement confirmed the American lawyers have no syndicate in their country, and they only have an association plus a school for organizing their activities.

Robin Bieri pursued several activities for supporting advocacy and judiciary including coordination with the Ministry of Justice and other parties for training faculty of law graduates to work as defense advocates.