You are forever mine [Archives:2005/887/Community]

October 20 2005

[email protected]

A real love in my blood

and heart creeps

How nice your wavy

smile in my hugs sleeps!

All you have done cannot

be forgot in time

I feel you but you

pretend that you fall in slime

You seem like my

land when it dies!

Is it my crime?

If you try to ignore me

Neither you are last

nor I am prime

My sense always tells

“You are forever mine”

So, I am created for you

as you are for me too

Come on my little babe

Your existence to my

life is quite comfort

Your soul's breath is

my real destination port

Your smell is my perfume sort

Yesterday you made my wings to fly to your soul

You are still for me all in all

Say it bravely

why are you hesitated?

Love is a real existence

It is God's grant for us free

And it is my heart's gift to thee