“You are the guest of Yemen’s tourism”Al-Hashimi Internationa Group launches new branch [Archives:2005/861/Local News]

July 21 2005

By Hassan al-Zaidi
Yemen Times Staff

SANA'A- Minister of Culture and Tourism Khalid al-Rowaishan inaugurated a few days ago the new branch of al-Hashimi International Group “You are the guest of Yemen's tourism”.

Inaugurating the new branch, al-Rowaishan said: “Today is one of a series of the successful days of tourism Yemen witnesses and hopes the private sector to perform its role in a better way for promoting the Arab tourism in general and the Yemeni one in specific.

Al-Hashimi International Group is a typical example of the tourist activities and it will offer all the required facilities for supporting the private sector in this respect.

Ibrahim Sa'eed Fadhil, Head of World Tourist Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia partook in launching the Tourist Office at al-Hashimi International Group “You are the guest of Yemen's tourism”

Mr. Ibrahim Fadhil stressed that al-Hashimi International Group has joint work and activities with some tourist agencies in Saudi Arabia and hoped such efforts to offer wonderful services in the field of Omrah.

He insisted on the provision of varied service means in the tourist sector, pointing out that Dr. Salim Atteyah, Chairman of al-Hashimi International Group devoted all his time and efforts to serve its nation.

For her part, Ms. Monit Yudo, General Manager of Marketing and Tourism Department at al-Hashimi International Group, signaled out that she and all the employees at the office of “You are the guest of Yemen's tourism” keep on contact with over 400 hundred tourist companies all over the world for coordinating and reciprocating tourist services with Yemen.

Dr. Salim Atteyah, Chairman of al-Hashimi International Group, she added, shouldered the responsibility of the tourist sector and attracting tourists into Yemen. He devoted all his efforts and proved to work for 16 hours a day for promoting the Yemeni tourism.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by a number of officials, businessmen and people interested in tourism.