Young Artists Excel in Dia [Archives:2001/44/Local News]

October 22 2001

The Dia organization, a French non-profit-making organization in Sana’a, inaugurated in its premises on Saturday an a one-weak exhibition for photographs, painting on papers as well as on jars and vases. 
Ten trainees of the organization took part in the exhibition which includes tens of artistic works. Mr. Atteib al-Haj, volunteer trainer of the group expressed delight at the fine production of his students. He said some of the students were still at university and others have already graduated. “Some of them want to be professionals and I really feel that they will be something in the future,” he added. 
Most of the paintings of vases depicts short superstitious or local stories. Students were asked to write short stories that have their reflection on society and then try to manifest them in artistic works.