Young man abducts student [Archives:2005/820/Local News]

February 28 2005

TAIZ- A student, aged 22, abducted a 21-year-old university girl and took her to his family's hotel, recently, in Taiz.

The crime took place while the girl was passing by the hotel, which belongs to the father of the kidnapper in the heart of the city of Taiz.

The kidnapper rushed the girl by force to the hotel, and security authorities were informed of the kidnapping and immediately caught the perpetrator inside the hotel.

Afterwards, the abductor was transferred to al-Shammasi Police Station to undergo the investigation, and the girl was taken to the house of one of the chiefs in the district.

The information revealed that the perpetrator has just come back after running away from his father's house to one of the neighboring countries.

The kidnapping took place several days ago.