Youngster killed in Taiz blast [Archives:2004/700/Local News]

January 5 2004

A young man was killed when a bomb exploded in a bakery at the Wadi Al-Madam neighborhood in the early dawn hours of last Friday. The explosion also resulted in the burning of the bakery store and caused panic in the area, especially after neighbors found out that Mohamed A. Al-Sulwi, the son of the bakery owner, died in the accident.
The victim's father and a number of eyewitnesses said that a person had come the night before the accident with a package labeled “To Mohamed and Mufeed, sons of the bakery owner” and said he would leave the box and come tomorrow to get bread from the store and he also paid YR 400 as down payment.
It was later discovered that the box contained a time bomb and that the attack was planned carefully.
Security forces then arrived at the scene headed by Mohamed Al-Samawi, head of the southern area security zone along with his deputy Ali Abdullah M. The criminal investigation team had also visited the area and did the necessary photographing and preliminary investigation. Police forces were also able to arrest a suspect thought to be behind the blast, which may have been committed due to personal disputes.