Your people should come first [Archives:2003/636/Viewpoint]

May 12 2003

The priority of the new Yemeni government and that of any other new government in the world should be to know what people want, and to act on achieving them. Just as governments are set up in a way to meet people's needs, they are also there to ensure that they meet those needs.
There are some obvious things that people want, such as quality education, basic infrastructure services, health services, good income, security, stability, freedom, law enforcement, plus a range of other issues.
The people in Sanaa delivered a strong message to the ruling party that they are fed up with the same old individuals that the party puts as candidates and who have proven their incapability to continue serving the public. The new cabinet ministers should seize this opportunity to demonstrate that it is the people that they care about and want to serve and not their own interest.
Looking at the tough conditions that most Yemenis are going through today, and looking at the statistics that are sometimes frightening when analyzing them adequately, we can only sense the huge task that the government has ahead of it. We can only wish the government luck in tackling so many problems and difficulties.
Nevertheless, the government could lead to a catastrophe of the change of heart in dealing with Yemen's problems is not demonstrated. People have reached a degree of saturation and cannot handle more miseries. Awareness of the ability to bring change through elections is on the rise. Yes, the ruling party may have gathered a greater majority in this parliament, but if that coincides with more miseries and sufferings by the role, then they will probably figure out that more members of the ruling party in the parliament would lead to greater suffering, so next elections will be decisive for them.
This is a change, a genuine change for the Yemeni leadership to get closer to the people. The President should start to build a strong bridge between him and the people. There are several ways that this bridge can be built, but there should at least be an intention to have it built.
The government should also work on knowing what people want and how they can be served. They should study the issues the people think are the priorities, and look into other less important things later. Being in the government is not always a good thing. Sometimes, one wishes to stay out because he/she would know that he cannot withstand the stress or obligations of the post. I would rather have those not accept their posts or resign if they cannot serve the people the way they want. Contrary to what some may thing, those ministers will not be seen as weak individuals, but they will be seen as honest men and women who wanted to secure the job for the ones who are better fit for the job.
People are looking to the new government with hope and great expectations.
I hope the new government will not let them down.