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December 3 2008

“It was exams time. I had been studying at a friend's house until the early hours of a Friday morning. I was very exhausted and at 6:30 I left my friends house, carrying my books with me and went to the street hoping to catch a bus home. Since it was the weekend, there were no people at that early hour. I had to wait for sometime for the bus. Suddenly, I felt a tall shadow hovering over me, and a loud yell: “Still studying you son of a xxxxx!!” And before I knew it, I felt a hard bang on my back. There was a very tall crazy man, wearing filthy cloths smelling awful and looking at me with wild eyes. He was wearing mismatched slippers and carrying a long stick, which he used to beat the hell out of me. There was no one to come to rescue. So there I was struggling with a man who has no reservations, trying not to get killed. Sometimes I took position of the stick and beat him, but even then, I had to face his long limbs that he thrashed in my face, and everywhere else. It was only after 10 minutes of crazy misery, when I grabbed a rock and threatened to throw it at him, that he fled away. I picked up my scattered books, my shattered dignity, and sat on the pavement. One eye looking out for the mad man, and the other desperately waiting for transportation which finally came and took me home.”