Your way to success [Archives:2003/651/Culture]

July 17 2003

By Ahlam Mohammed Naji al-Askeri
Success. This word seems to be normal any other one, but if you consider it well you will find how it is really different. The matter is that it has a great meaning and wide-range of things that everyone wishes to have in his life, particularly in one's practical one.
We want to know to what extent people can be successful in their lives. Unfortunately many people can not be successful as they desire. There are many reasons for that, but to offer an advise to help people who want to end up a stage of their lives and substitute it with a life full of success and ambitions, is a task let's call it the success process.
Suppose that you are dissatisfied with yourself in any field whether in your job or at school, you just have this kind of feeling that you are always the worst, most of the time you come up with late performance and you really want to change but it looks difficult, if not even impossible. You may choose one of two, the first one: you are going to forget about being successful because you think you are not from this type of people and you can not be one of them. The result in this case you are going to be a loser all your life by destroying all your chances.
The second recommended way that you take the risk to change and become another person. I am saying take the risk because it is not that easy unless you are so determined to succeed. We have different stages; we will talk about them step by step:
1- Realizing the real current situation: You need in this stage to take a careful and an objective look at yourself, how you are doing in your work, study, and relationships with others. You may reach a decision that you have to improve all those aspects, so you will work on that, get all your concentration to focus on this matter, think inside yourself about what you have done and what is still to be done. This step should not make you hopeless.
2- Creating a new way of thinking: Consider all the negative points in you life. Ask yourself why ''I am doing all these things however, I am completely sure that they are wrong, they do not benefit me at all but I am still doing them,'' here the mind will give messages that there is something supposed to be wrong but you are doing it, there is no necessity to do this but it is done. By time you will find your compulsiveness about doing this negative thing goes down to a certain level. This step could be more effective if the mind agrees with the feelings.
3- Your goals: Every person should have goals in his life, looming ahead before his eyes. Without aims you are lost, so you must specify some significant goals and try to classify them according to their importance. In other words you need to have priorities in your life.
4- Positive thinking: It happened that a man went to a woman who claimed to know many things and then she told him that he is one of the grandsons of Napoleon Bonaparte, the man was so happy. After many years he saw the woman again, went to her and said “thank you because you told me that Napoleon Bonaparte is my grand father now I am a very successful man”
“Who are you?” the woman asked him. So that means she was not honest with him and he was not one of Napoleon Bonaparte's grandsons but he had achieved great things by the positive thinking about himself. Be sure to get positive thinking all the time, keep telling yourself ''I can do it, I am capable to do this, and I will make it.'' This kind of words will enhance your ability and increase your success rate, and always create an image of yourself as a successful person.
5- Making the right decision: Once there was a man who was asked “What is the secret behind your success?”
“Right decisions” he replied. “Where do the right decisions come from?” they asked again. “From experiences in life” he answered. “Where do experiences come from?” they asked. “From wrong decisions” he said. Making the right decision could be little hard for those people who do not have any experiences in life, but they should stop making decisions because they will never learn. One has to follow certain steps to get the most appropriate decisions like the following; take a decision, put alternatives for it, make for every alternative a possibility, then choose the best possibility and make your decision to change yourself.
6- Changing the lifestyle: Try to avoid anything that could make you go back and implement everything that will make you more ready for brighter future, even if they are simple things. They could affect. For example wake up early, and go to work or school while you are optimistic because this has an impact on what will happen in your entire day.
After all these steps become part of your life you will definitely feel that you have done something was not possible in the past. This feeling will encourage you to keep going on the right track till you make all your dreams come true. Remember “ability is nothing without opportunity”, so give yourself this opportunity by implementing what leads to success.