Youth Court opens in Taiz [Archives:2006/958/Local News]

June 26 2006

TAIZ, June 25 ) Within the framework of its youth, democracy, and human rights program, the National and Cultural Center of Youth (NCCY) is preparing for the implementation of the second phase of its Youth Court project funded by the National Fund for Democracy.

The project, considered the first of its type in the Arab World, aims to train 300 male and female participants to enhance their social activities and to raise the awareness of democracy and human rights. Participants will be court members in the future and will meet with government decision-makers monthly.

Participants of the Court will receive general information about government authorities that handle youth issues. During the sessions of the Court, participants are scheduled to discuss issues facing youth and will receive training courses on how create teams, how to pressure the government, and how to find support.

The Court plans to democratically elect candidates to represent participants at the meeting. Those elected will be responsible for enacting the sessions' recommendations and will be charged with presenting youth issues to the government.

The project aims to represent all youth sectors in Taiz, in addition to non-governmental organizations. The project will try to further the principle of dialogue among youth.

Abdullah Salam, Manager of the NCCY, said that “the idea behind the Youth Court originated from the experience of the NCCY since 1997. We aim to prepare a eneration able to understand reality, deepen the right values, and build correct attitudes and knowledge through collective work, irrespective of nclinations and political affiliations.”

“We also aim to develop youth aptitudes in order to work in their institutions with an ability to deepen the dialogue principle and to have the required skills in team building, pressuring, and getting help and support as well as making a partnership between youth and the [relevant] authorities,” said Salam.