Youth dreams in Yemen [Archives:2005/853/Community]

June 23 2005

By Fatima al-Maqtari
We may call the. youth period “Dreams and ambitions period”. Every young person has his\her own special view of life.

Thus youth have dreams that they are looking forward to achieving.

While studying in Sana'a community college, I noticed that almost every youth, especially the boys, dream about going out of Yemen in order to reach their goals. They believe that Yemen has nothing. Everything in Yemen is only a disappointment and frustration. They are certain that living in western countries or European countries will be the solution for all of their problems. Many of them said it would be the starting point of their life. They've never thought about the difficulties which will certainly face them.

When you ask any one of them why they want to travel outside of Yemen, he immediately says: “I just want to travel and live in any other country forever.

No matter what to study or do. The most important thing is to get out of Yemen. Some dream of travelling abroad to study and come back to Yemen to improve their selves and develop their country. But others travel only for the sake of entertainment and living differently.

I'm not against their dream. Everyone has the full right to dream. It's really good that you're dreaming, because without dreams no one can plan for the future. In my point of view, we all must realize how important Yemen is. We must change our way of thinking. It is because of our behaviors and doings that Yemen has become like this. We should know that WE make Yemen perfect and not the other way around.