Youth Forum [Archives:2003/626/Education]

March 10 2003

Faiza Ali Al-Hamzi
Level 3, Faculty of Education

Grasp all, lose all

In Paris, capital of France, there was a poor family. The parents couldn't find food or clothes for their sons. One of the sons left his family and became vagrant. Suddenly, he decided to be involved in contraband opium to bring more money. Of course, his parents, didn't know that. He spent a long period of his youth doing this . He earned a lot of money. Then, he got married and got three sons and a daughter. He still went on doing the unlawful work. Many people became very sick in his country because of the narcotics, but he took no heed of the consequences of his deeds. What he wanted was only to get more and more money. After a period of time, his wife discovered the sort of work he did. She refused to continue living with him. After his wife left him the kids grew wayward. Most of them were influenced negatively by their father in his obsession for money. One of them went astray and the eldest of them became an opium eater. His health became very bad. His father didn't know about his sickness as he didn't live with his sons. In course of time he knew the reason of his son's sickness and realized that his son's life was in danger. He tried to save his son's life but couldn't do that. He himself became a paralytic and passed his last days with incalculable misery.