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April 27 2003

A friend like you
Everyone should have a friend like you;
You are so much fun to be with,
And you are such a good person;
You crack me up with laughter
And touch my heart with kindness;
You have a wonderful ability
To know when to offer advice
And when to sit in quite support.
Time after time
You've come to my rescue
And enlightened me so often;
And time after time
I've realized how fortunate
I am that my life includes you;
I really do believe that
Everybody should have a friend like you
But so far it looks like
You are one of a kind!

Nabeel Salah
Faculty of Arts
Sanaa University
[email protected]

The Palestinian conflict
Palestine has been a hot bed of conflicts for hundreds of years. If we analyze the history, Palestine was first occupied in the 19th century by Britain.
Then Israel came and wanted to occupy it. They say “Palestine is a nation which hasn't any land and Jews have no bonafide place of their own.” Israelites began their diabolical design in 1917 and it was a reality in 1948 when they occupied Palestine.
Arab countries waged war against Israel but unfortunately they lost. Arab communities stood beside Palestine but their support wasn't enough. They supported them by money and medicine, but not by weapons which they needed badly. Perhaps they were afraid of the western countries, especially America, which might stop exporting wheat to the Arab countries or support Israel.
When the Security Council tries to raise its voice against Israel, America immediately uses its veto. Therefore, Israel seems to be the target of America.
Unfortunately, Arab leaders are not good strategists. However, if there is a crisis in Palestine they do convene a meeting. However, the meeting usually ends with nothing fruitful.

Eshrag Ali Saleh
Level 2, English Department
Faculty of Education,