YOUTH FORUM:Ramadan in Mukalla [Archives:2003/696/Education]

December 22 2003

By Dr. N. Ramachandran Nair
Professor of English,
Faculty of education
Hadhramout University
Email: [email protected]

The simple folk of Mukalla soulfully
Rooted in Islam, changed Mukalla utterly
By their fast during the Ramadan, holy,
Days became nights and nights days, everything changed completely.

An outsider is impressed by their trust and thrust on Ramadan
Prayer times are meticulously announced
People unfailingly move to mosques with a vow pronounced
To pray and do good for all to the extent they can.

In the night, Mukalla market of diverse sorts
Becomes packed with men, women and children
The buying spree lingers on to the small hours,
No sense of fear or insecurity, only joy and freedom glisten.

Goods of all kinds dress, cosmetics, ornaments,
Food articles, soft drinks, spices, electronic appliances
Carpets, mats, drapery, hosiery items, brought from all corners
Are bought with ease in big measures.

Ramadan days here for all make
A rare occasion to give and take
Ramadan days make them pure and wake
Them to part with or share whatever they have.

With their kith and kin near and far
Who may need their help and wishes
To fare forward and make gains
In their onward march of life near or far.

Eid, the finale of Ramadan at Mukalla
Is celebrated for five days in a jocund way.
The beaches stretching from Mukalla to Fua
Become filled with men, women and children, gay.

The people of Mukalla affirm
Their re-dedication to Allah in one voice
Their words and deeds confirm
Their awakening and wholesome rise
Do awake, arise and act.