Youth honored in cultural competition [Archives:2004/716/Local News]

March 1 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Twenty-nine young people who won in the fourth Rahmadan Cultural Competition were recently honoured.
Abdualkareem Ghlab, the general manager of the general administration of the cultural and social activity in the Ministry of Youth, said that “Honoring the winners of the fourth cultural competition has become an annual traditions and it has been established for the fourth time. It aims at pushing and encouraging young people to search books for information in order to develop their abilities, hone their skills and enrich their information in various fields.”
He also said “It has been noticed that the number of participants has considerably increased. The remarkable thing also is the good number of girls either in participation or winning. “
Participants this year have reached 563 competitors.. Around 190 could correctly answer the competition questions.
Only 29 are selected as the prizes are limited for 29 winners.
He concluded, “As proclaiming Sana'a the Capital of Arab Cultural, there are various activities represent in poetry, story festivals and others. We have many activities in all the governorates. There is competition within the governorate itself first and then extends between the all the provinces. What we look for is the support that we used to have by Mr. Abdualrahman AL-Akwaa, the Minister of Youth.”