Youth Killed & Father Wounded in Taiz [Archives:2004/763/Local News]

August 12 2004

By YT Bureau

Last Monday, 2nd Aug. 2004, a youth from Wadi Oraiq at al-Heimah in Taiz, called Ali Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Ali, 35 years old, was shot in the abdomen and was killed. The father of the victim, Mohammad Saleh Ahmed Ali, 70 years old, was as also shot in the abdomen by Hamood Ali al-Obaly who shot both the victim and his father. The reasons leading to this event not known yet by the security.
On the other hand, Abdullah Ali Mohammad Saleh, 30 years old, a native of Jabal Hubashi, was killed by a shot directly to the head, by unknown person.
The reasons for this are not known.