Youth Parliament carries clout [Archives:2005/812/Community]

January 31 2005

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Sources in the General Secretariat of the Youth Parliament say that Prime Minister Abdul Qader Ba-Jammal has directed numerous ministries to carry out actions for children's rights, which includes free education.

As mentioned in a statement by the Democracy Institute, the Prime Minister has directed four ministries (Finance, Planning & Internation Co-operation, Education, and the Labor & Welfare) to carry out the recommendations of the Youth Parliament that contained the constitutions and legislations for giving children free education, and to punish parents who don't enroll their children for learning.

The Principal of the Democracy Institute, Jamal al-Shamy, has clarified that the General Secretary of the Youth Parliament is expressing thanks to H.E. the Prime Minister for his response and help in children contributing effectively in political participation.

The Youth Parliament has finished its third session in the last month by a public demonstration.

As well, they recommended constructing special passages for handicapped children in the schools, and constructing special institutes for the deaf, and also to teach them foreign languages and computer skills.