Youth & Sport Fund Finances Youth Hostels in Shabwa, Mahara, & Abyan [Archives:1998/07/Sports]

February 16 1998

The importance of youth hostels is well known worldwide. They provide accommodation as well as sport facilities for traveling young people. Sometimes, sport activities and tournaments are held in these hostels. In Yemen, there is a marked lack of such hostels. When they exist, Yemeni youth hostels are often not well-equipped to host sports teams, either because of lack of facilities or mismanagement. To avoid this in the future, the board of directors of the Youth and Sport fund has agreed restore some of the old hostels and build new ones in the governorates of Shabwa, Mahara, and Abyan. Youth hostels do not exist in these governorates, which makes hosting sports and cultural activities quite difficult. The Minister of Youth and Sport, Dr. Abdulwahab Raweh has directed Fund’s board of directors to submit their suggestions, plans, and cost estimates for constructing these youth hostels. Letters were sent to the three governorates to allocate suitable plots of land for erecting the youth hostels. Technical teams will visit the governorates to conduct the necessary surveys to ascertain the suitability of the land.