YPS warns of smuggled medicines [Archives:2005/808/Local News]

January 17 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
In a recent press conference, Dr. Fadhl Ali Saleh Chief of the Yemeni Pharmacists Syndicate (YPS) warned of an increasing spread of medicines entering Yemen illegally.

The syndicate works hard to upgrade the profession of pharmacology and educate its members in order to cope with the requirements of medical policy, creating job opportunities for pharmacists and strengthening the social and cultural ties between them.

Dr. Fadhl Saleh said that the future work of the syndicate will concentrate more on the fight of smuggled medicines as well as spreading awareness among people about the risks of smuggled medicines.

He also said that smuggled medicines are seen to be often sold in pharmacies and many marketers keep on merchandizing such medicines.

The newly explored diseases including cancer resulted from the use of smuggled medicines and no sanction are seen to be taken against smugglers.