YR 1.8 million in aid to Taiz flood victims [Archives:2003/697/Local News]

December 25 2003

The Hikma Welfare Association (Yemen Office) in Taiz has started implementing its second aid campaign worth 1.8 million rials to Taiz flood victims. Among those who would benefit from this campaign are 87 families in Taiz in the neighborhoods of Sala, Al-Sallal, Al-Hoban, Al-Sahouli, Al-Kamb, Dar Al-Nasr, Jabal Sabir, Al-Jahmalia, Wadi Al-Dammam, Howdh Al-Ashraf, and Al-Tahreer.
The aid package includes quantities of mattresses, blankets, and other material worth around YR 20,000 per family.