YR 114 million support for civil society organisations [Archives:2004/768/Business & Economy]

August 30 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
A Social Affairs and Labour statement has affirmed the Yemeni government keenness on maintaining efforts for supporting organisations of the civil society to enhance their role during the next period in areas of social and developmental, charitable and legal areas.
The statement mentioned that the volume of direct financial support the ministry has offered to federations and unions, organisations and societies this year amounted to YR 114 million benefited by 244 private sector societies and establishments in the capital and governorates.
The statement stressed the necessity of evaluating the effect of that support on activities of civil society organisations and studying possibility of its increase and expansion in future. The statement has also affirmed the importance of activating the stand of local councils to encourage and support civil society organisations because some local councils and finance committees abstain from assisting and supporting civil society organisations activities and this would affect the realization of their objectives.
On the other hand, he National Committee for Woman in Aden has organized a meeting for private societies and civil society organisations where there was an exchange of discussion about projects and activities of the non-governmental organisations in various fields. The meting has stressed that civil society organisations work acquires its importance because it is based on volunteering activity and aims at interest of the local society and development
The meeting approved the necessity of work with partners of development in the present stage in order to interact with various issues, matters, and developments taking place locally, at the Arab level and internationally.
Civil society organisations in Yemen are still lacking of the structure necessary for implementation of their tasks accurately owing to their being in need of support and financing of local projects they supervise their implementation.