YR 4.2 million to be awarded to distinct students [Archives:2006/1010/Local News]

December 25 2006

HADRAMOUT, Dec. 24 ) Honoring the memory of their father, the heirs of Sheikh Suleiman Sa'eed Buqshan launched the Suleiman Buqshan Prize for Ideal Students in Hadramout to be granted annually to students in the final levels of education, including primary, secondary and university.

The prize aims to encourage distinction in scientific performance, together with other cultural, artistic, innovative and sporting aspects.

It will be granted to 18 students, including four primary schools, four secondary school students and 10 students from all university faculties, in addition to students at institutes.

Each winner is given a gold medal and a certificate of appreciation. Furthermore, winning primary school students will receive YR 100,000 and secondary school students will receive YR 200,000, while university students will receive YR 300,000.

Although the prize is to be awarded every Dec. 25, this year's ceremony was postponed because it coincided with Eid Al-Adha; thus, winners will be announced in the coming days.

Headed by Dr. Sa'eed Al-Jariri, the judging committee board includes Dr. Abdullah Bahshwan, deputy president of Hadramout University, and Dr. Awad Al-Bakri, head of Hadramout's Education Office.